The World's Smartest Umbrella™

Lifetime Warranty. Patented Design. The Last Umbrella You Will Ever Need.

The GustBuster Philosophy

How many umbrellas have you gone through this year? How many ten or twenty-dollar bills have you lost on an umbrella every time a gust of wind decides to blow in your direction?


GustBuster® umbrellas can withstand winds over 55 MPH, have won numerous design awards, got patents where no patents have gone before, and is copied all over the world. However, there is only ONE GustBuster.

It was created with patented wind-release technology that allows the wind to pass through the upper canopy, while keeping every drop of the rain off you. It’s not just strong, it’s smart. That’s a rare combination.

Blow the Competition Away

For people who want the best of the best, we suggest a GustBuster instead of one of those flimsy non-brands. GustBuster umbrellas immediately prove their worth. Look at a golf professional’s bag, chances are you’ll find a GustBuster. Because Golf professionals rely on tournament winnings for their earnings, they choose the best equipment to maximize their chance of winning.

History shows that they choose GustBuster. The proof is all there, make the professional choice.

And for those finicky people who don’t like standing on some sidewalk with an umbrella turned inside out before a business meeting, social event, or simply a walk to the grocery store, we suggest a GustBuster.

Seven technology patents, multiple design awards, the #1 umbrella found on the bags of PGA tour pros, and dozens of imitators confirm one thing: it’s the World’s Smartest Umbrella™.


Hello, your product is amazing. I own the Metro model and it's absolutely fantastic, very durable, I dubbed him Hulk. I live in Northern Quebec, Saguenay and temperatures are often changing and I tested it in all kinds of conditions. It is impeccable and I recommend it to all of my contacts! Gustbuster, thanks!

Martin P.

I purchased your umbrella from Royal Portrush Golf Club on the 11th July 2019 & I was very grateful to have it, as the heavens opened after my wife & I left the Harbour Bar In Portrush today 17th July around 5pm. I was only wet from knees down. I'll be purchasing the same brolly soon, as my wife was soaked to her hips with the inadequate brolly she had.

Harry G.

I just got one of your umbrellas and I love it. I bought this because I have already lost two here in NYC. Being a subway traveler, I always have my hands full and when I carry an umbrella, I put it down so I can read or sip my coffee, but then I get up and forget my umbrella and then it's gone. I knew it was going to be a good umbrella with gustbusting features, but the Duo-Strap carrying case was a pleasant surprise: now I can carry it like a backpack and never forget it on the train! Thanks guys!

Dan H.

I just want to say how great of product you made.  I bought my Gustbuster umbrella over 20 years ago, longer, but at least that long.  It’s still performing as it should. 

Darwin W.

I must share my Gustbuster experience! I was in Buffalo, NY over the weekend for a wedding. This of course was the same weekend of hurricane like winds that hit the city. I had parked my car as close to the hotel entrance as possible as I knew the wind was expected to pick up that afternoon. I did not have a coat but headed to my car in my gown, shawl (which was fortunately buttoned) purse in one hand, and my Gustbuster umbrella in the other. The wind, almost knocking me over, was magnified by the umbrella because I was damned if i was going to release it but, as advertised, it did not turn inside out, instead acting as a sail, trying to pull me with it. I held on against a column of the building, with no clue as to how I'd make it to my car. A clerk from the hotel desk saw my calamity and came out to help — walking me hand-in-hand to my car. I definitely looked like I'd been through a storm, but my Gustbuster umbrella was incredible!

Diana F.