• Certified by the College of Aeronautics to withstand winds of 55+ mph and above
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GustBuster Testimonials

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Danny’s sister was visiting us from Oklahoma, looking for a reprieve in the winter weather, only to encounter the “storm of the century” in Arizona. We went to the Barrett Jackson auction with our gustbuster umbrella sheltering us from the high wind and rain as we entered the enormous tents of luxury cars. As time passed, the rafters of the tents were blowing from the wind and we decided to get out of there. An hour after later, the news reported that one of the large tents had been blown away, with poles scattered over the distant freeway. Millions of dollars of damage ensued, but we were unscathed and home safe thanks to our Gustbuster. The next evening was not so windy but still cool and drizzly. After dinner we enjoyed the Jacuzzi under protection of our Gustbuster, and pretended it was a warm Arizona retreat. Sis went home happy.

Alice and Danny Scott
EIT-Executives in Transition
Connecting the Dots


I just got one of your umbrellas through Amazon.com and I love it. I bought this because I have already lost two here in NYC. Being a subway traveler, I always have my hands full and when I carry an umbrella, I put it down so I can read or sip my coffee, but then I get up and forget my umbrella and then it's gone. I knew it was going to be a good umbrella with gustbusting features, but the Duo-Strap carrying case was a pleasant surprise: now I can carry it like a backpack and never forget it on the train!

Thanks guys,

Dan H.
New York, NY


The GustBuster Classic Automatic Golf Umbrella was our savior. My friends and I decided to play golf on Saturday afternoon. We saw that the clouds were gathering up above us and looked as if rain was coming down soon. Nonetheless, that had never stopped us from playing golf. All we had to do was to bring an umbrella. One of my friends brought with him a GustBuster umbrella and we were all surprised to see how huge it was compared to ours. We all laughed but he was firm to his 'you can never be too sure' resolve.

The day started out well. We got to finish about 2 holes when the rain accompanied wind came out to play. That's the time when we placed our umbrellas out. As time passed, the wind became stronger and one by one, our umbrellas broke down, except for my friend's GustBuster. It was weird but he seemed unscathed by the rain and the wind. We all took refuge under his umbrella and continued to play golf. We then asked him about what's so special about his umbrella. He said that he had bought it because it was built for climate conditions such as these; that it was a must have for every golf players.

I then found myself purchasing a GustBuster golf umbrella days later. I then realized that even with its looks, its functions are truly reliable, especially for a golf fanatic like me. The great thing about it is you can also use it during days when the sun is high up. It's a golfer's best friend and I really believe that other golfers should purchase this GustBuster Classic Automatic Golf Umbrella to be able to protect themselves from different forces of weather.

Erika Ayala


Let me say that we have had it for a good number of years and have been very satisfied with its performance. The young lady who answered the call was very courteous and helpful.

Edward W. Karasinski


I have never written a feedback letter to any company, but I feel so strongly about your product that I was compelled to write.  I went to college in Boston, one of the windiest and rainiest cities I know.  In just 4 years, I purchased at least 8 umbrellas, including 4 oversized umbrellas, with each of them being destroyed by the harsh weather conditions.  It was impossible to walk down the street on a rainy day in Boston and not see the twisted skeletons of shredded umbrellas in the gutters and trashcans. 

In 1998, after attending medical school for 4 years in the much-less-rainy city of St. Louis, Missouri, I was headed back to Boston.  And one of my biggest concerns was the weather.  While on a TWA flight from St. Louis to Boston, I found the Gustbuster umbrella in the in-flight magazine, and ordered one that very day.  Not only did that single umbrella keep me dry through 7 years of medical residency and fellowship training in Boston, but I continue to use that very same umbrella after 10 additional years in Philadelphia.  It is remarkable to me that, after going through at least 8 umbrellas in 4 years, I have now used the same Gustbuster umbrella for the past 14 years, including 7 years spent back at the scene of the original umbrella crime!

My current umbrella has become a bit "well-loved" over the years, and it is time for me to allow it to retire with dignity.  I am planning to purchase another, more modern version of the Gustbuster umbrella, and I anticipate it will remain in loyal duty for many years to come!  Thank you for making such a durable and reliable product. 

Joshua M. Cooper, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine

University of Pennsylvania


The World's Best Umbrella

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