• Certified by the College of Aeronautics to withstand winds of 55+ mph and above
  • Exclusive patented design
  • #1 Choice of PGA Tour golfers
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Custom Imprinting:
A Powerful Tool for Business

Custom Imprinting is our specialty. Special Imprinting, color, design and logoing options are available on ALL Gustbuster® models.

GustBuster® umbrellas display some of the biggest and best corporate names including: Mercedes, Nikon, Hertz, ESPN, National Car Rental. Smart companies know that putting their logo and company colors on a highly-visible and high quality umbrella are another way to boost brand recognition and enthusiasm.

In Golf

  • #1 choice among the professionals on the PGA, Sr. PGA, LPGA and Nationwide tours
  • #1 choice of golf manufacturers for Tour players and brand identity

golf imprinting


In Corporate Business

  • The perfect gift or memento for preferred customers
  • Great for donations, special promotions, or contests
  • Ideal for tournaments, company parties or outings, morale boosters
  • Big business, small business, fraternal, professional and charitable organizations, colleges and universities

corporate imprinting


In Retail Stores

  • Popular retail identity imprinting
  • Personalization available on small quantity minimums
  • Variety of designs and color options
  • Great sales and profit margin booster

There is a 24 item minimum for all Custom Imprinting orders. Please allow 2-4 weeks lead time on all orders.

Marketing Support

Quality. Quality is never an accident. At GustBuster it is a result of high intentions, sincere efforts and skillful execution. Quality is always the wisest choice of many options. Quality is the single strongest marketing support any product can be given.

News coverage and worldwide recognition. GustBuster®, has received more air time and editorial ink than any accessory company in the industry. GustBuster® , maintains an ongoing public relations program for maximum public exposure.

Advertising and Retail POP. In words and pictures, GustBuster's on-going advertising campaign in key consumer magazines continue to separate it from the competition. It's retail display pieces do the same job within the store, unlike anyone else.

Sell-through. GustBuster enjoys an exceptional rate of sell-through. It takes the retail rate of return to the max.

Sales policy keeps GustBuster in only the best department stores, specialty shops and golf pro shops.

Demonstration. The redesigned rescue ambulance—Turbulance—is one of a kind. It regularly takes GustBuster’s 55+ mph wind resistance on the street in the most dramatic, memorable sales promotion going.

The Turbulance

Great promotion, demonstration and awareness building at countless national and international trade shows.

Customer Care

Call our toll-free number and ask about how GustBuster's custom imprinting can help build your business:

umbrella display

Attractive displays for retail

The World's Smartest Umbrella
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